Traditional dances as well as newly created dances

Makeney Morris performs dances from a variety of Cotswold villages, such as Adderbury, Ascott-under-Wychwood, Bucknell, Oddington, Sherborne, and Upton-on-Severn. Each of these villages developed its own dance ‘tradition,’ with different stepping and figures, though they were usually performed to common tunes.

We have a collection of about 18 dances, but we don’t use them all; we like to have a variety so that we can vary our repertoire from time to time. Some dances are dropped, while new ones are occasionally added, and we also reintroduce old ones that we haven’t danced in a while.

We also create our own dances based on Cotswold traditions, and we have so far created 6. The first dance we created in 2013 was called Haste To The Wedding, and we changed the chorus because the original dance was not exciting enough. Since then, other Morris teams have adopted our version of the dance.
Makeney Morris Performing in London

Morris Federation Dance in London


  • Haste To The Wedding (Hankie Dance) (We’ve given it a Makeney Morris twist!)
  • Skirmish (Stick Dance)
  • Squatters Rights (Stick Dance)
    (Created by Makeney Morris)
  • The Lightning Tree (Hankie Dance)
    (Created by Makeney Morris)


  • Black Joke (Stick Dance)
  • Gathering Storm (Stick Dance)
    (Created by Makeney Morris)
  • Holly Bush (Hankie Dance)
    (Created by Makeney Morris)
  • Mrs Casey (Hankie Dance)
  • Valentine (Hankie Dance)
  • Nutting Girl (Hankie Dance) (Jig))
Makeney Morris Performing in Manchester

IVFDF Manchester


  • Highland Mary (Hankie Dance)
  • Old Frog Dance (Hankie Dance)
  • Twiddles (Stick Dance)
    (Created by Makeney Morris)
  • Young Collins (Stick Dance)


  • Constant Billy (Stick Dance)
  • Go and Enlist (Hankie Dance) (Jig)
Makeney Morris Performing in Nottingham

IVFDF Nottingham


  • Bonnets So Blue (Hankie Dance) (Jig)

Upton upon Severn

  • Upton upon Severn (Stick Dance) (Chingford)