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You can easily book Makeney Morris to appear at your event!

We perform at weddings, fetes, parties, clubs, festivals, pubs, stately homes and anywhere anyone would like us to dance. We can perform a mixed set of dances or we can produce a fixed set show for your event. We like to involve the audience and have taught Morris dancing from scratch to both adults and children.

A typical event would see us giving three twenty-minutes performances over a two-hour slot, but we are very flexible! Our rates will depend on the type of event, but will usually just reflect any expenses we will need to expend to get there or be in-kind (entrance tickets, food, beer etc). We generally commit to events a number of months in advance, so try to give us plenty of notice.

For pub displays during the summer months, we don’t charge (but we do pass the collection bucket around for donations).

Just get in touch to outline your requirements. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Please remember that Makeney Morris are not bound to attend your event until we have confirmed the details with you and agreed to the arrangements and fee.

Here is what you need to know

  • Check our Events calendar to make sure we are not already booked elsewhere
  • We usually plan for one or two sessions of around 20 minutes, and we can adapt this to meet your needs – if you want one longer session we are happy to oblige!

  • You will usually get between 8 to 12 dancers and musicians

  • Book early. Our programme is often full up to a year in advance

  • We need a firm level space to dance on

  • Tell us if you have low ceilings or valuable chandeliers, etc. We do wave sticks about and need to know these things!!

  • We do have public liability insurance

  • Tell us about your audience (age range, type of event and so on) so we can tailor our performance to suit you
  • Depending on the venue acoustics, we may need a PA for the musicians

  • It helps if you can give us a side room for us to change, and to store our kit before the performance. Sometimes car parking spaces are also useful

  • A plate of sandwiches, water and a jug of beer won’t go amiss!!

  • Our fee depends on how long you want us for and the type of event. Our minimum is usually around £60 for a short session with fewer dances. Talk to us to agree a sensible amount for your event

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